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Simson Softwares PVT. Limited provides leading software testing services to clients efficiently. Software testing is one of the most important part to enhance the customer experience. This is the best way to help in identifying gaps, errors & bugs and other missing requirements. Software testers use manual and automated tools for the software testing according to the client requirements.

Why is Software Testing Important?

As we all know software bugs could be expensive or harmful. So, it’s essential part for the customer’s reliability and provides a satisfaction in the software applications. Quality of the products play a crucial role to gaining their confidence. So, we should ensure to deliver quality of the products. In order to provide, the facilities to the customers to deliver the best quality of products or software applications which require low maintenance cost, reliable, consistent and accurate results. If you want to stay in business or want long term relationship with clients, then software testing is very necessary. With the help of software testing, software developers get satisfied to provide the accurate work to the customers.

Types of Software Testing

Software Testing is the important part of the software development. There should be many obstacles come when poor testing methodologies use to create problems to troublesome unsustainable development and products.

Unit Test

Unit test is the most basic testing used at the developer level. We focus on the single piece of unit code whilst it is already isolated from any outside interaction or dependency on any module before. This test requires the developer checking the smallest units of codes they have written and prove that units can work independently.

Integration Test

The combination (or integration) of these smallest codes should also be checked carefully after Unit Test. Integration test provides the testing modules which access to network, databases and file system. They will indicate whether the database and the network are working well when they are combined into the whole system.

Functional Testing

There is no doubt to claim that functional testing is the higher level of test type should be used after Integration Test. Functional tests check for the accuracy of the output with respect to the input defined in the specification. Not much emphasis is given to the intermediate values, but more focus is given on the final output created.

Smoke Test

Smoke Tests analogy comes from the electronics where an issue means the circuit board giving out smoke. After functional tests are done, a simple test will be executed at the starting point, after a fresh installation and newer input values.

Regression Test

Whenever complex bugs are stuck in a system, typically which affect the core areas of the system, regression tests are used to retest all the modules of the system.

UI Test

Well, apart from those core testing types above, GUI test is also a well-known and really popular in software engineering industry now. This graphic user interface testing ensures the specific application or products being friendly for all users. Principally, GUI Testing evaluates design components such as layout, colors, fonts, size, and so on. Also, GUI Testing can be executed both manually and automatically.

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