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About the Company

We are based at Mohali near Chandigarh, India

The company was established in the year 2001, our insurance broking management software comes with 23 years of strong experience in ERP implementation, system design and software consulting in Reinsurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance.

Our aim is to be recognized as thought leaders in the sectors we operate, and to deliver innovative solutions that provide real business value to our esteemed customers.

We are known for our personal approach, ensuring we deliver the support and flexibility our customers need and the service they expect.

Our products are thoroughly tested and proven solutions for handling high volumes of data and user traffic, they are suitable for entries wide deployment.

We have a long and lasting relationship with our customer and we have presence in India, Hongkong, Malaysia, Oman, Mauritius, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, UK and UAE

Our skilled team know the trends of today's business and deliver the best solutions that meet the specified requirements within time and budget limits. At SIMSON, we have SAIBA insurance broker software, SARB for Reinsurance Brokers and Third Party Administrators (SATA).

Why Choose Us?

We are typically a software development company. Our core domain in software development is insurance broking and we have products for almost all sections of the insurance broking industry e.g. software products for direct insurance brokers, reinsurance brokers, third party administrators, insurance agencies, health insurance and microinsurance companies.

We are pleased to tell that we are number #1 software solution provider for insurance broking industry in india. We also have clients in Tanzania, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Uganda and Qatar with marketing activities in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malta and New Zealand.

Simson About

Trustworthy and Reliable

We have the team of core professionals in insurance broking domain.

We have experts on our panel to help us in building up core insurance broking applications.

We are working in all segments of insurance intermediaries like agents, corporate agents, direct brokers, reinsurance brokers, TPAs, underwriting etc.

Our customer satisfaction level and our approach to customer. List of customers is available on our website or ask us we will provide the contact details to verify.

Our Mission

We are using microsoft .Net framework 3.5 technologies by using C# to build our browser based and VB.Net to build desktop based application.

Microsoft SQL server is being used as database in all of our applications, which is one of the most trusted database in the world.

SAP crystal report 2008 is being used for reporting in our applications which helps in making applications more versatile in reporting.

Our mission is to become global leader as software solution provider for insurance intermediary industry.

Some of the milestones of our journey till date are :

In year 2003 we developed our first insurance broking software named SAIBA for insurance brokers. SAIBA was a big milestone for us. it was handpicked by various insurance brokers in Chandigarh and Delhi. Our unique idea, simplified product and our approach towards customer worked very well.

Year 2005 was an important year in the history of Simson till date as we launched our 2nd product for health insurance industry named SATA, which was mainly developed to cater the needs to third party administrators in india. That product later customized and given to air evacuation companies and some health insurance service providers.

In 2007 we realized the need of an online application for the insurance broking industry. Then we started the development of online version of SAIBA. by end of 2007 we managed to launch the first hybrid version of SAIBAOnline. where some of the features were available online to marketing and operation team and accounting was centralized. In the meantime, we continue to add more and more features to both the variant of SAIBA. But very soon in 2008 we managed to launch first full scale version of SAIBAOnline.

In the end of 2010, we got our first international client as Pan-Oceanic in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Very soon we got more clients in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Uganda and Qatar.

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Feel free to share your innovative ideas or software requirements and lets together implement it into reality and make your projects a success.

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